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DrillScience supplies leadership, performance and authentic integrity you’ve come to trust. Our team spirit aspires, inspires and responds to all things that transpire with diligence, honesty and effort. Our mindset of humility, equanimity, straightforwardness, relentlessness, and synergy, creates and sustains a climate of safety and engagement accessing our best thinking and decisions.

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Michael Davis is one of the world's leading petroleum engineers. He has worked with many of the top multi-national, as well as small independent oil and gas companies, on projects that span the globe. His morally confident effortful focus on competent work within balance energizing intended impact to designs, operations and team work catalyze high performance and have brought consistent and successful results to projects from shallow land wells to ultra deep offshore wells in waters shallow and ultra deep. He was the lead petroleum engineer on the deepest well ever successfully drilled in Texas at the time, encountering pressures above 25,000 psi and temperatures above 500° Fahrenheit, while drilling through extremely volatile gas sands. The well drilled at rates far surpassing any offsets that stopped much shallower, typical of drilling and completion teams that he leads. His software encompasses every facet of well construction projects and exceeds the standards of competency set by SPE and other drilling organizations and as recognized by peers, in both scope and breadth.

Michael holds the position of technical editor for the SPE Editorial Review Committee and is a frequent contributor to SPE Technical Interest Groups and a member on the SPE Online Communities Advisory Committee and a past administrative chairperson of SPE Human Factors Technical Section. He is a lifetime member of both the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and the Pi Epsilon Tau Petroleum Engineering Honor Society. Michael also serves on the board of a Houston-area charity.

Michael lives and works around the globe and would love to share your vision and work on your project next. See his Resume or send him an email, or call him now.