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Process Leadership


Performance DNA™
We must KNOW the operational envelope in order to stay within it.
Strain Envelope Stress I M P A C T Mindset Presentative Understand Think Informative Know Restrict Expand Definitive Balance Direct Energize Comply Receive Distributive Convey Executive Execute Restriction Balance Expansion

Phase - Presentative

Confidence (money & means)
Delight at the prospect
Will to complete prospect is conveyed

Phase - Informative

Ideas-key issues and systems functionality
Wisdom is understood as practicality in details
Practical Knowledge of "how" we will do it

Phase - Definitive

Expansion of "how" with our tools, skills, tasks and people
Restriction of "how" within detailed operational envelope
Balance of expansive confidence & restrictive measures of steps

Phase - Distributive

Energy for action to put our plan into actions
Channel energy into detailed plans, procedures, strategies, tactics, and tasks
Conveyance of plans, procedures & programs to team members for execution

Phase - Executive

Expansive effortful action without limits "busy" and looking for ways to help
Restrictive "activity" to decrease task loads and enlarge operational envelope
Confident "active" focus on "separation" of task loads and operational envelope