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Drill Science Bit Trip Decision Calculator Drill Science Improve Bit Selection Online Tool

Bit Trip Decision Calculations

Cost of Leaving Current Bit In Hole versus Cost of Tripping For New Bit
Bit Trip Decision...
Rig Spread Rate ($/day) /day
Trip Time (round trip feet/hour) feet/hour
Hours Rig Working Per Day hours
Current Bit Cost To TD ($)
Current Depth (feet) feet
TD Depth (feet) feet
Current ROP (feet/hour) feet/hour
Predicted ROP at Current Bit End (feet/hour) feet/hour
Trip Hazard Cost Chance of Occurence (%)
New Bit Cost To TD ($)
New Bit Predicted ROP Start (feet/hour)
New Bit Predicted ROP End (feet/hour)
Current Run Cost
Current Run Hours
New Run Cost
New Run Hours